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Induscoat VE 100 HB

Induscoat VE 100 HB

Induscoat VE 100 HB is a 2-Component high build Vinyl Ester coating system with exceptional resistance to acidic/alkali conditions. It offers broad corrosion resistance across a wide pH range & demineralized water. With improved elongation for temperature-changing equipment, higher HDT, solvent resistance, & enhanced toughness, it provides superior permeation resistance. Ideal for medium to high corrosive environments, its temperature resistance is upto 120°C.


Top Characteristics

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and metal substrates.
  • Resistant to thermal stress.
  • Broad chemical resistance.
  • Suitable for various applications including pressure vessels, chemical tank linings, and waste treatment plants.
  • Ideal for use in oil and gas production facilities.


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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