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Induscoat Polymeco Shot

Induscoat Polymeco Shot

Induscoat Polymeco Shot is a cement-based, ready-to-use single-component shotcrete/ Gunite mortar. Enhanced with microsilicious admixture, it is formulated for dry process shotcrete applications. This mortar offers excellent early strength, minimal rebound, & the ability to achieve maximum application thickness. Ideal for repairs on a larger scale, it is suitable for restoring columns, bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, fire-damaged structures, marine structures, piers, offshore platforms, as well as rock & embankment stabilization projects.


Top Characteristics

  • High build capability allows for up to 150m application in one pass, reducing time & effort.
  • Formulation minimizes dust generation, ensuring a cleaner working environment.
  • Low rebound properties result in excellent penetration and compaction, minimizing aggregate loss.
  • Offers excellent adhesion to both concrete and steel, rapid strength gain, low water absorption, low chloride ion diffusion, and high resistance to carbon dioxide penetration, ensuring long-lasting and durable repairs.


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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