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Induscoat Polyfoam 1k 90

Induscoat Polyfoam 1k 90

Induscoat Polyfoam 1k 90 is a versatile polyurethane semi rigid foam that reacts with water to form a slightly flexible, semi-rigid foam. Its high expansion rate of +4000% allows it to effectively penetrate cracks. The reaction speed can be adjusted by varying the catalyst content. The final product does not shrink or swell and has a good compression strength. Ideal for sealing and insulation applications.



  • Shake the catalyst well before use.
  • Mix the resin and accelerator in a ratio of 5% to 10% to achieve the desired reaction speed.
  • Use packers and a one-component pump for injection applications.
  • Clean the injection pump with PU solvent after use.
  • Allow the foam to cure according to the manufacturer's recommendations


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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