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Induscoat InduSil 92

Induscoat InduSil 92

InduSil 92 is a grey, densified silica fumed powder ultrafine powder rich in silicon-di-oxide. As a pozzolanic material, it chemically reacts with the Calcium Hydroxide in cement hydration, increasing the amount of calcium silicate hydrate gel and dramatically improving concrete strength. Its ultrafine nature also physically fills voids between cement particles, resulting in denser, water-tight concrete.


Top Characteristics

  • Reduced permeability limits ingress of water and aggressive chemicals, making it ideal for structures requiring impermeable concrete.
  • Possesses pozzolanic and void-filling properties, leading to ultra-high compressive strengths.
  • Allows for design flexibility, resulting in reduced member size, increased span lengths, and improved structural economics.
  • Improves performance in prestressed, precast, and ready mixed concrete applications.


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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