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Induscoat® Induscrete PE 43

Induscoat® Induscrete PE 43

Induscoat® Induscrete PE 43 is a single component, hydrophobic polyester resin-based protective coating that forms a high dry film thickness (DFT) to provide robust protection to concrete against corrosion in aggressive underground and foundation environments. It adheres strongly to new, fresh, and even one-day-old concrete surfaces, serving both as a protective and curing coating.


Top Characteristics

  • Resists chlorides, sulphates, sewage, and many chemicals, oils, etc.
  • Adheres strongly to new, fresh, one day old concrete surface and serves as a protective cum curing coating.
  • Environmentally friendly; solvent, asbestos, and pitch-free.
  • Can be used for curing walls, basements footings, floors, etc.
  • Odourless, no toxic solvents are released as the coating cures and is stable to UV rays


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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