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Induscoat Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Induscoat Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Induscoat® Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a single pack, air drying chlorinated rubber finish paint. It forms a tough, flexible & abrasion resistant coating with excellent resistance to most inorganic acids and alkalis at room temperature. Recommended for immersion services, especially useful for seawater immersion. This is used for hard quick drying finishes- for inside or outside use, in chemical complexes, marine industries thermal power projects, docks, engineering industries, sewage projects, swimming pools, and allied industries.


Top Characteristics

  • Very good impermeability to water vapor and oxygen and is recommended for immersion services
  • Can be applied on steel and concrete both
  • Non saponifiable, which can be over coated with zinc rich coatings, epoxies, polyurethane paints
  • Maximum operating temperature of 60-65°C.


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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