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Induscoat Bio-C 100

Induscoat Bio-C 100

Induscoat Bio-C 100 is a high-performance anti-fungal and anti-algae surface cleaner for concrete and plastered surfaces. Broad-spectrum protection against various fungi and algae. Ideal for surface preparation and standalone fungicide treatment. Suitable for residential, institutional, and industrial applications (pharmaceuticals, sugar, leather).


Top Characteristics

  • Abrade surface with coarse brushes to remove fungi, algae, or paint residue.
  • Apply 2 coats using spray or brush. Ensure ventilation and wear proper safety gear.
  • Wash surface thoroughly with clean water using water jetting and let it dry before coating.
  • Induscoat Bio-C 100 should remain on the surface for at least 24 hours before washing.
  • Follow recommended application guidelines for optimal results.


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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