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Complete fire protection with INDUSCOAT FIRE PROTECT


INDUSCOAT FIRE PROTECT is our premium passive fire protection coating for structural steel, wood, broad wall and trim areas. It provides upto 4 hours of direct fire protection, depending on film protection used.

How does it work?

INDUSCOAT FIRE PROTECT swells and forms a char, thereby increasing in volume and decreasing in density when exposed to direct fire. This char is an insulator of heat, and protects the underlying materials from heat generated by fire. It also significantly reduces the rate of spread of flame over the surface. Without surface protection, materials are more susceptible to the effects of fire.

What are the advantages of INDUSCOAT FIRE PROTECT?

INDUSCOAT FIRE PROTECT is a necessity in areas where risk of fire breakout is high. IT can be used to protect the structural integrity of building materials and surface spreader paints. Typical application include steel and power plants, warehouses, commercial and residential areas. Induscoat Fire Protect can provide firefighters more response time to arrive at the scene and extinguish fire. Major fatalities can

also be avoided by allowing considerable time for people to evacuate the scene.

Why is it better?

INDUSCOAT FIRE PROTECT is 100% solids, zero VOC coating, which means it gives zero loss of material. It can be troweled, or even sprayed after appropriate thinning.

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