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Steel Fabrication

India loses around $200 billon annually due to corrosion. We provide effective corrosion protection against most aggressive chemicals, harsh environment while maximising your profitability.

Our Products

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Induscoat Alkyd based Primer

It is single component, high performance, universal alkyd based quick drying primer. Suitable for use in both maintenance and new construction in the fabrication shop. It is surface tolerant and is overcoatable with a wide range of topcoats, including epoxies and polyurethanes.

Induscoat Epoxy Finish Paint

Two component epoxy finish coat available in range of

Induscoat Epoxy Grout

A two component, 100% solid epoxy grout used to fill surface cracks or hide surface defects of metal, concrete, wood, stone or plaster. Provides high degree of recoatability and lifetime performance.

Induscoat Enamel Finish Paint

Single component alkyd based synthetic enamel finish paint with excellent gloss and easy application

Induscoat Epoxy Tank Lining

Coating with excellent pit filling and edge coverage, this coating meets zero VOC demands and has extensive track record of outstanding performance in tank linings even with a single coat application. Can resist wide range of chemicals such as crude oil, water or mildly acidic solutions.


Epoxy based multipurpose putty

Induscoat Injectable Epoxy
Injection Moulding

A two component solvent free, low viscosity based on high performance epoxy resin. It is used to repair, fill and seal cavities and cracks in structural components such as bridges, industrial structures, columns, beams, foundations, walls and floor slabs.

Induscoat Rebar Coating

Low water-permeability, strong resistance to alkalis, chemicals, and saline atmosphere. Promotes adhesion between steel bars and concrete. Designed to give long-life to new as well as rusted Mild Steel Rebars.

Induscoat PU DTM

A high build, two component polyurethane primer/finish, with anticorrosive properties and providing extended durability and improved recoatability. Provides one coat primer/finish for Direct to metal applications

Induscoat Reinforcing Putty

To fill pits, cracks and seal well bound scales on old rusted structures, under frame of coaches, old Bridges. Applied prior to fastening bolts in ships, steel structures, foundations.

Induscoat Epoxy Tank Lining Primer

Two component primer for Induscoat Epoxy Tank

Induscoat MIO High Build Primer

High build epoxy used to improve barrier protection for variety of anti corrosive coating systems in aggressive environments. Improved overcoating properties, useful in fabrication shops and construction sites.

Induscoat Surface Tolerant Epoxy
Surface tolerant

Two component, high solids, epoxy based surface tolerant coating with optimised performance characterstics for aggressive environments. It is particularly useful in refineries, chemical plants, coastal structures, pulp and paper mills and bridges when dry abrasive blasting is not possible

Induscoat Direct-2-Metal
Primer finish

Versatile, low VOC, high sold direct to metal epoxy. Offers excellent anti corrosive performance with rapid drying and exceptional abrasion resistance resulting in increased productivity. Used as new construction primer-finish 2 in 1 coating

Induscoat Rapid Cure Primer

Zinc phosphate based primer offering excellent barrier protection fast cure and rapid over coating properties. Enhanced anti corrosive property due to zinc phosphate. Used for both new construction and industrial maintenance for a wide range of anti corrosive coating systems.

Induscoat PU 60 Finish Paint

Two component high build polyurethane finish paint with excellent durability, UV resistance and long term recoatability. With a semi glossy finish, Induscoat PU 60 is a versatile coating for both construction and industrial maintenance delivering lasting performance.

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