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Our furniture coatings give designers the flexibility to unleash their design creativity while also supporting efficient manufacturing operations.

Our Products

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Induscoat Fire Protect

Provides passive fire protection upto 4 hours. Bonds well with metals, wood (engineered and natural), concrete and stones. Also provides corrosion resistance.

Induscoat Alkyd based Primer

It is single component, high performance, universal alkyd based quick drying primer. Suitable for use in both maintenance and new construction in the fabrication shop. It is surface tolerant and is overcoatable with a wide range of topcoats, including epoxies and polyurethanes.

Induscoat Epoxy Grout

A two component, 100% solid epoxy grout used to fill surface cracks or hide surface defects of metal, concrete, wood, stone or plaster. Provides high degree of recoatability and lifetime performance.

Induscoat Enamel Finish Paint

Single component alkyd based synthetic enamel finish paint with excellent gloss and easy application

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