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Induscoat Damp Protect M10

Induscoat Damp Protect M10

Induscoat Damp Protect M10 is a two component, non re-emulsifiable epoxy latex system which can be used for plain and cement modified coating applications over concrete/ plastered substrates.


Top Characteristics

  • Excellent bonding agent between new and old concrete
    • As waterproof, water resistant anti carbonation mortar over concrete
  • Ideal for concrete surfaces like terraces, roofs, basements, sunken slabs, liftpits, bridge decks, marine structures like jetties, walls etc, can serve under water.
  • Can be applied over moist surfaces also
  • Conforms to ASTM–C–1059-86 Type II and ASTM–C-882-87.


Click Here To Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to learn more about the product properties.

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