Achieving the balance between aesthetics, performance, cost, longevity, durability and installation requirements is often hard to juggle - that’s where we come in.

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Induscoat PU 60 Finish Paint

Two component high build polyurethane finish paint with excellent durability, UV resistance and long term recoatability. With a semi glossy finish, Induscoat PU 60 is a versatile coating for both construction and industrial maintenance delivering lasting performance.

Induscoat EPF HB

Durable, high chemical resistance floor coating. Available in a non slip finish as well

Induscoat EPF HS

A solventfree, durable, high performance epoxy coating system used as hard wearing coloured floor coating in areas such as factories, warehouse, plants and showroom

Induscoat EPF HT

Heavy duty, high impact and chemical resistant epoxy flooring compound with textured finish in attractive colours. Installed at 4mm.

Induscoat EPF Primer

Improves the adhesion of epoxy floor toppings coatings and epoxy mortars with substrate. Ability to bond with variety of substrates

Pourfect Crystal Clear

A transparent epoxy coating with good UV resistance and non yellowing properties with high gloss and excellent color retention. Can also be used in food contact grade applications.